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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Blogging Etiquette

Within the small community of blogsites in which I travel, my perception is the writers posting on them are doing so for reasons to not only enhance their individual skills, but also to share information of potential value to the skills of their writer colleagues.

Each day's visits to the blogging community create for me inspiration, a heightened deterrmination to write better and often, a sense of awe. The intellectual capabilities demonstrated by fellow bloggers are nothing short of intimidating to me.

It is typical for me, along the way of my blog travels, to happen upon a posted topic or a posted comment of particular personal professional interest and about which I am curious to learn more. A question will form in my mind as to whether or not it is within good blogging etiquette to extract subject material from such postings or comments for the purpose of creating a post-up topic for my own blogsite.

QUESTION: Is it appropriate to extract subject matter from the posting or comments of fellow bloggers which, appear on the blogsites of others, to create a new post-up topic for one's own blogsite?


Blogger Bernita said...

I don't see anything wrong with it, Erik.
There can be many different 'takes" on the same subject; and "writerly" topics are constantly at the forefront of our minds. Your own perspective is unique.
People often do, sometimes giving credit to the blog post that started them thinking - if they are aware that it did.
Sometimes completely different people, completely unaware of each other, will have posts related to a topic/idea -possibly inspired by some third and unrelated motivator.
I did a post on flat and round characters and the use and value of some stereotypes. Several days later I saw one which began with roughly the same idea about/stereotypes/motifs/archetypes/their value and use. An excellent post, superior in its scope.
Did they choose the topic because they had read my post? I'm absolutely certain they did not;
and it wouldn't matter if they had.

9:59 AM EST  
Blogger Bernita said...

I plan, without shame or the slightest compunction, to steal your placemat torc and post dirty/useful slang terms with every post.

10:24 AM EST  
Blogger M. G. Tarquini said...

Depends on how much you're extracting, but always give credit and a link back. I read some blogs in which the blog post is essentially a repeat of what the original poster posted, yet the conversation on the subject happens on that blog, instead of on the original blog. I'll go check the original blog and find that there's not a lot of convo there and that the 'reposter' hasn't commented there, or let the person know they've been linked. Course, they may have emailed.

What happens though, is that it looks like the 'reposter' is the one who came up with all the bright ideas when basically all their posting is:
Joe Schmoe on his blog Schmoeland says today:


I thought that was interesting.

Then everybody discusses Joe's blogpost, the ideas there on the reposter's blog. That always hits me as weird.

In other words, I'll qutoe, or point people someplace, but I try to have another angle on something if I'm going to post it up. Otherwise, I just tell people to go read and comment there.

10:36 AM EST  
Blogger jason evans said...

It's completely fine. Etiquette seems to be that you reference the other post and add a link in your text. The link is a nice gesture because sites such as Technorati will register the link and give credit to the originating site.

1:33 PM EST  
Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

I think if you quote the source, it's okay. Especially if you put a link up - I love it when I see that on a friend's blog.

After all, Tod Goldberg did it about JA Konrath and JA and Miss Snark had a bit of a fight on their blogs, and John Rickards is talking about an author's blog remarks today over at the Mystery Circus...

So it seems to me to be an acceptable practice, and perhaps for some of us, encouraged.

You quote me any time! If you find something intelligent over there, that is!

2:18 PM EST  
Blogger Jaye Wells said...

"I read some blogs in which the blog post is essentially a repeat of what the original poster posted, yet the conversation on the subject happens on that blog, instead of on the original blog."

I agree with MG and this has happened to me. I am all for people talking about my ideas. But it irks me when the reposter gets tons of comments and kudos for having such an interesting subject when all they did was copy it from someone else.

Now, if you're rebutting ideas or have original thoughts to add then that's fine. But I think if you're just saying "Hey, so and so said something cool today," then you need to just post a link. But always give credit to whomever you're using as a source.

2:24 PM EST  
Blogger Lisa S. said...

I'm just agreeing with everyone else. It's all good if one credits another blogger with something like "this was inspired by.." or "this made me think about.." or even "I must disagree with..." and then provides a link or a pointer to one's sidebar if the particular blogger is on your list.

6:40 PM EST  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Bernita, M.G., Jason, Sandra, Jaye, and Lisa;

Thank you one and all for taking the time to provide me with your valuable viewpoints. Appreciated for sure.

PROBLEM: I don't have a clue as to how to accomplish a text link on these things. Maybe R.J. Baker will help me out. He's the brains in our partnership as friends.

9:15 AM EST  
Blogger Jaye Wells said...


Your blogger dashboard has a help section that will tell you how to do that stuff. It's a lot easier than you think. You just need to look for it.


10:14 AM EST  
Blogger M. G. Tarquini said...

The easiest way is to go into the post you want to link and click the BLOG THIS button at the top. That puts the link in a starting post. Write what you want, before or after it and Voila! a link.

1:03 PM EST  
Blogger Shesawriter said...

No, there's nothing wrong with it, but blogger etiquette dictates that you give credit where credit is due by mentioning the source blogger or blog and providing a link back.


1:54 AM EST  
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