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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Value Received by Blogging

The post-up of Sandra Ruttan in the wee hours of this morning titled: Traffic Signs & Corporate Lessons........ at (highly recommended blog reading), where she discusses the value of structuring blogposts to include key internet search terms/words to increase your blog's traffic, caused me to think about any value that I may receive from blogging generally and which thoughts led to this post here.

During the brief period of my blogging experiences, I have come across several posts and comments concerning the topic "why we write" in one form or another. Today, I am curious about the various reasons of why we blog.

As most of us are well aware, blogging activity can consume large quantities of time that could otherwise be dedicated to our potentially paying work of writing articles, books, short stories and the like. I know for me, it has become far too time consuming if I expect to accomplish my writing goals within the time-line that I originally set. The forming addiction (for lack of a better phrase), is causing me to wonder if I might be better served by "backing off" substantially my blogging activities and diverting that time back to my writing toward a publishable work-product.

On the other hand, I have come to consider my blogging activities as the being involved with the activities of a viable community of people all traveling the same path toward the destination of a successful writing career. In addition, I find personal enjoyment from the communication and interaction among individuals, I find doors opened to new ideas and different methodologies utilized to bring those ideas to fruition, I find worthy news specific to the writing profession and of significant importance, I learn from others the guidelines and specific instructions on how to be a better writer.

QUESTION(S): How do you balance your time between blogging and actual work-product efforts? And, what benefit(s) do you seek to realize from you blogging activities?

Thank you.


Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

Some days, I balance better than others. Like today, when I'm woefully behind on my surfing!

But I think that blogging is important for networking and exposure. And I am at least disciplined enough to write a post, if not something more creative, every day.

I think I do need better balance. I know some people who work at pubs and whatnot so they can concentrate.

Hmmm, good question though! I'd love to see more answers!

2:57 PM EST  
Blogger Bernita said...

I'll try again. My first message disappeared.
(!)encourages one to focus and realize vague thoughts and ideas and present them concisely.A discipline
(!!) gives one a removal/distance and rest from a WIP.
(!!!)Discover interesting concepts, methods, techniques, examples and advice.
(!!!!) One can encourage and be encouraged.

4:20 PM EST  
Blogger M. G. Tarquini said...

When I'm blogging, I'm blocked. When I'm not blogging, I'm writing. I try and get a little something up there everyday, but I don't check all sites everyday, or, if I do, I don't comment on all sites. So, you know I'm blocked if I'm all over blogland getting my ample backside in trouble.

I like the blogging because it's nice to talk to others in the same boat, so to speak. I like to see what others are doing and their thoughts on topics. Made some nice contacts a few new friendships. I liken it to the 'need a break from working, think i'll mosey on down to the bar for a beer and a chat' except it's calorie free and I don't have to shower first.

4:22 PM EST  
Blogger Jaye Wells said...

Blogging for me isn't that time-consuming. It's the reading and commenting on blogs that takes up my time. But I find all of the above worthwhile.

First, writing my own blog is like getting all the static out of my head. It gets my mind into the right groove so that when I'm done I can usually jump right into my story (usually is a lose term). Plus, it counts as writing on the days I don't actually work on my book. Second, it's good to feel part of a community in what is by its nature a solitary profession (obsession). Third, it's fun.

If you worry too much about your blog then it might be time to change your platform. Or cut back to weekly posts. We'd hate to lose you.

10:29 PM EST  
Blogger R.J. Baker said...

You know originally I just signed up because I wanted to comment on J.A. Konrath's blog and blogger forced a blog upon me in the process.

It evolved from there into an obsession and enjoyable sideline that introduced me to very cool writers all over the world.

It gave me a cathartic place to rant and expound on my thoughts and ideas to some very sharp folks that challenged and engaged me.

It has also been a really good warm-up, if I can break away and write.

I no longer have a true goal for my blog other then to remain true and to have fun.

10:52 PM EST  
Blogger Shesawriter said...

I write during the day, and blog at night. I like blogging because I get to meet a lot of interesting people. I also get a lot of great information on the industry and craft by networking with my fellow writers online.


1:40 AM EST  
Blogger jason evans said...

I don't balance very well. The blogging usually wins too much ground.

But I don't care.

Why? Because I find that the value of blogging far outweighs any lost time.

1) Writing short pieces and getting instant feedback has been invaluable. I'm far better having blogged than if I stayed more isolated.

2) Networking. I have few opportunities to make connections in the business in person.

3) Readers. Let's face it. There are thousands of published fiction authors. I could name probably .01% of them. Maybe. Each reader who knows your name is precious. If 10 or 50 or 100 or 500 (or any number you care to insert know your name because of blogging), I believe you've accomplished something important.

11:21 AM EST  
Blogger Dana Y. T. Lin said...

I started blogging to stop the threatening phone calls from MG. Now I blog so I won't have to iChat with MG.

Gawd, I hope MG doesn't read this. Big Toe Bunion can give a good whoopin'.

11:32 AM EST  
Blogger Alphabeter said...

Balance? BWAHAhahahahhah.


I need to write every day. Blogging gives me something to do when everything else is blocked. Oddly, if I'm blocked blogging, I'm not blocked elsewhere.

Quite like one of those puzzles where you move pieces through the empty. A bit odd really.

But then I'm a writer. Odd is good!

2:56 PM EST  

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