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Monday, June 12, 2006

Full Moon Reflections

The beam from God's lantern shines upon the lake.
Mist-angels tiptoe their ballet across the watery stage.
Mother Duck's village floats serenely as she guards her precious young.
Old Bull Frog baritones a serenade for his mate.
Night Hawk shatters the surface as she plucks her midnight meal.
And I've been awakened by dreams intimate with your image.
I stand naked in the window, but you are so far - far away.


Blogger Bernita said...

Interesting combination - the classic pastoral observations, then a switch inward.
The last two lines are terrific.

8:05 AM EDT  
Anonymous Ric said...

Excellent, Erik. Great visuals and leaves us wanting more...

8:43 AM EDT  
Blogger Jaye Wells said...

Very nice, sir.

9:08 AM EDT  
Blogger For The Trees said...

Ah, Thank God. We're back to pornography. Hairy haiku for the horny hillbilly hordes. Hooray!

Damn fine anthropomorphical imagery. The last two lines put you out there amongst the wildlife, rutting images rampant.

I applaud your filthy mind. I only long for the ability to write even half as good. Especially sex scenes. I'm still wrestling with Bernita's "he pinned her on the carpet. She felt the burn of the Monsanto Wear-Dated Nylon Fibers and knew her butt would be on fire for days. He finished with a grunt and was so exhausted he fell flat down upon her, mashing one of her breasts into her rib cage with a force equal to a solid kick from a Karate Black Belt. Her gasp was squelched by his weight. She was unfulfilled, and wet.
"Damn," she thought, "I hope I can get this stinky mess out of the carpet."

You write great words, Erik. Now if we can only stimulate you enough to write more often...we'd ALL be happy.

9:38 AM EDT  
Blogger For The Trees said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:39 AM EDT  
Blogger Bernita said...

Note to self:
Don't put up any more sex scenes.

10:11 AM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Thank you for the fine praise. You might agree, though, the first part has too much personnification. It was one of those middle of the night ramblings.

10:19 AM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Thank you. There is no more. It was spur-of-a-moment.

Gee, "sir"? Thought I was a "scamp"? Thank you for the visit.

10:21 AM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

I appreciate your humor but it is not intended a pornography. Seductive I hope, but not pornographic. But then, I don't do this kind of writing very well.

10:23 AM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Bernita again,
Don't you dare not! Yours are among the best. Always with class.

10:24 AM EDT  
Blogger ivan said...

You said somewhere to me that you had no idea how to write poetry.
You can, and how you can.
Ah, Keats and his Lucy.
Erik and his ...?

3:09 AM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

You are overly kind, but I thank you.

7:47 AM EDT  
Blogger For The Trees said...

Um, Erik, I hope that someday VERY SOON you'll catch on that I write tongue-in-cheek so much it's obscene. I labeled it pornography because of the knee-jerk factor. Actually I found your writing to be exceptional, but if all I do is say your writing is exceptional I very quickly turn into a one trick pony and my platitudes become old hat, and ignored.

So I try to compensate. Doesn't come off very well, does it?

2:05 PM EDT  
Blogger Jaye Wells said...

Erik, don't worry, I didn't mean any respect by it.

3:06 PM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Forrest, my friend. I think I indicated that I recognized your comment as humor. I always appreciate your various styles. Thanks for stopping back.

3:09 PM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Whewww...Jaye, you had me worried.

3:12 PM EDT  
Blogger Dana Y. T. Lin said...

Wow, you leave for a break and come back a poet. Very nicely done!

11:05 PM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...


Naw, not a poet. Just an ordinary man who appreciates the heart-gifts of good women.

Cute logo. It's symbolic of?

6:56 AM EDT  
Blogger For The Trees said...

You need to know that Bernita's quoting your last two lines with great acclaim. Seems she likes the piece. Congrats.

Now she's got me thinking about writing some verse. I'm not sure, I think I'd rather write vice. But we'll see. Time to go jump into Word and see what comes out.

8:48 AM EDT  
Blogger ivan said...

for the trees.

Pornography? Tongue-in-cheek humour?
You been visiting my sites?

No wonder I keep installing new security devices.

Keep getting spam from, uh, diners' clubs.

Oh what the hell. Hunter S. Thompson was fond of it.
And even John Updike, though that leads to a different vein.

10:24 AM EDT  
Blogger Shesawriter said...

Hey Erik,

Loved the prose. The writing is very evocative. Hope you're doing well.


4:34 PM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Wow. Wonderful to see you again. I've stopped by yours over the past weeks to find you gone and very busy.

Thank you for the kind words.

I trust things have now settled a bit for you?

5:26 PM EDT  
Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

I have been wondering where you are, Erik, how you're doing.

Good to see you haven't forgotten the land of the blogs!

6:16 PM EDT  
Blogger jason evans said...

This is really a lovely poem. Rich imagery coupled with strong language.

10:38 AM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Great to see you.
I've been quite busy with other things.

You are overly generous. But, thank you.

3:10 PM EDT  
Blogger For The Trees said...

NOW look what you've done!

No Rhyme No Reason

7:27 AM EDT  

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