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Thursday, July 13, 2006

bastard moon

Full moon, you ugly bastard!
Shining down upon me the big piss-yellow eye.

Full moon, you wart covered whore.
Dripping down upon me the shadows of your smuttiness.
You push and pull against my rationale.
You ebb away my sanity.

Full moon, you evil bitch.
Trashing my good being to dried waste.

Full moon, you brutal prick.
Ripping out my heart and crushing it back to dirt.
You stomp upon my love.
You butcher my compassion.

Full moon, you ugly bastard!


Blogger Bernita said...

Extremely evocative form of howling at.
Well done, Erik!
You are multi-talented.

9:06 AM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Thank you Bernita. Glad you enjoyed.

Not multi-talented, I just stumble and trip a lot,usually falling into a pile of.....

9:21 AM EDT  
Blogger ivan said...

Sheryl Crow (after breaking up with somebody):

"Oh ballbreaking moon and ridiculing stars
The older I get, the closer you are..."

--from The Difficult Kind

11:51 PM EDT  
Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

Erik, you're such a talent! Here I was, thinking I'd get more erotica...

10:25 PM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Who's Sheryl Crow?

Surprised you, huh?
Was setting on the deck in the middle of the night.
Bright moon shining on the water. Ducks and geese bobbing on the ripples.
Thought most would write something romantic, about getting laid.
Decided to do something opposite.

7:38 AM EDT  
Blogger ivan said...

Shery Crow sings pop ditties about having fun in the sun.
But she waxes lyrical when it comes to heartbreak.
What I quoted was from her earlier breakup.
The latest was with Lance Armstrong,the famous bike athlete.
She appears such a succesful songstress that she somehow scares men. "Are you strong enough to be my man?" she sings somewhere.
Pop culture seems trivial but you can't, as a writer, ignore what's going on in the other arts, pop or highbrow. Trivia, I suppose.

9:19 AM EDT  
Blogger MissWrite said...

Erik sweety, are you having a bad day?

That was pretty amazing.

2:51 PM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

"She appears such a successful songstess that she scares men. 'Are you strong enough to be my man?' she sings somewhere".

I wonder, would she be woman enough to be my woman?

3:15 PM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Absolutly honored by your visit. You are always welcome here.

3:17 PM EDT  
Blogger Shesawriter said...

I like it. I feel the same way about the birds that sing in the early morning after I've battled insomnia all night. LOL!

4:48 PM EDT  
Blogger ivan said...

I would suggest, then, don't bicker.

1:42 AM EDT  
Blogger Meander said...

hello there...just stumbled upon your blog just now. amazing poem...i shall never look at the moon in the same way again.

11:01 AM EDT  
Blogger Erik Ivan James said...

Thank you, Tanya. Wonderful to see you.

Welcome and thank you. Please stop by often. My door is always open.

2:41 PM EDT  

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