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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Office Party

She wanted sex. She didn’t want commitments, promises or romance, but she did want sex included in their friendship. Alice knew him well, although not intimately.

They worked in the same building and visited with each other almost every day. The physical chemistry between them was like static electricity…just a touch… but never openly acknowledged by either of them. They talked instead of politics, economic conditions, sports, current events, their respective families and other ordinary subjects. The occasional innocent bantering between them, though, about sneaking off to "do-it", were the conversations they secretly enjoyed the most. In reality, they had shared no more physical contact than a few quick hugs. She craved more than a hug with him and was convinced his cravings were the same.

During the past couple of months, Alice had imagined them making love in large, canopied, silk sheeted beds adorned with elaborate pillows and comforters. She had envisioned them naked on big fluffy towels on the beach; the rhythm of their coupling tuned with the waves slapping against the shore. She had seen them on beds of pine needles deep in a forest, squirrels and birds as witness to their passion. In her mind they had entwined on the seat of his truck; on a park bench under star filled warm summer skies; in the deep grass of orchards of cherry blossoms. Just last week, he’d added another to her fantasy list when he laughed and teased her to come by his office some afternoon...they’d do-it there.

On Friday afternoon of the New Year weekend, the building all but vacant, the staccato of Alice’s footsteps echoed through the corridor. She went into his office determined that her fantasy become a reality. Within moments of her arrival, they shared their first orgasms together, on the top of his desk.

Happy New Year Folks!



Blogger Bernita said...

Starting the New Year off with a bang, eh, Erik?
Happy New Year to you, too.

7:34 AM EST  
Blogger Meander said...

Happy New Year! toot your horn!

9:51 AM EST  
Blogger ivan said...

Desl men is what they used to call copyeditors at the Star, Toronto.
Desk men do it better?
Nothing like a good workbench, I say.
Chairman of the board, uh arborite?
Watch for splinters!


You tell most of this story from a woman's point of view, and that is good; damn hard to achieve for a man. It is effective.
Myself, I'd be a manipulative devil and get some girlfriend to poeticise the more tender passages of a female character...that, or she'd see what I was writing and insist on putting in her own three cents. "No, that's not the way it was...Here, let me have a go at it."
Ah, the things we do to cobble a novel together.

10:57 AM EST  
Blogger EA Monroe said...

Happy New Year, Erik.

That resolution I made to join Troublemaker's Anonymous?

It just went up in smoke!

Take care.

11:31 AM EST  
Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

Have you considered writing for Ellora's Cave Erik, and making some real money?

Happy New Year!

3:29 PM EST  
Blogger ivan said...

Happy New Year right back atcha, Erik.
Yup, we've all dumpster-dived and slept around laundromats in the past, like Willie Nelson, but look what he did with his career!

Would you be insulted if I threw in an off-the-wall comment now that I am still high from last nights soiree:
Here is what I'm telling all the girls this morning, as a former dumpster-diver and apprentice Oscar of Sesame Street:

"Stick out your cans, here comes the garbageman!"

10:55 AM EST  
Blogger EA Monroe said...

Jan. 1, 2007. Here's my "official" Happy New Years to you, Erik. I owe you more than a goofy "drive-by" comment!

Thank you for sharing your writing and your talent. You have made visiting The Gazebo a surprise and a delight. (Keep surprising us!)

I Hope the best for you in 2007 and Beyond.

Now let's party!

4:16 PM EST  
Blogger ivan said...

Ah Erik,
Speaking for myself,don't bullshit make he grass grow green?
But then you've written something nice, with a need to tie up the ending a bit.
Hey,yours is no amateur attempt.Tie up that ending! Make the girl say it.
(Ooh. You are so big!?)

--Penis parvis.

3:13 PM EST  
Anonymous the insect said...

Wow! You cut it off so abruptly, though!

3:38 PM EST  

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