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Monday, February 27, 2006

Olympic Reading

Another Winter Olympics has come and gone. Four more years of training and sacrifice for those who will participate in 2010.

Unfortunately, I didn't see as much of the coverage as I would have liked. One thing and then another prevented me from plopping down in front of the tube for more than a few minutes at a time. So it goes. Next though, come the Summer Olympics in 2008 and maybe I'll be able to enjoy the majority of those games.

For you, which reading materials win the gold, silver and bronze medals?

For me:

Gold: Non-fiction (business, biography, spiritual, etc.)
Silver: Personal interest (outdoor journals, shooting, hunting, etc.)
Bronze: Western fiction and History of the American West.


Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

Neat idea, Erik.

Gold: Mystery Fiction - the modern social commentary.

Silver: True crime - my love of research

Bronze: A bizarre mix of stuff from CS Lewis to Tolkein to Dickens...and humor too.

4:21 PM EST  
Blogger Shesawriter said...

Gold: Romance Fiction
Silver: Horror Fiction
Bronze: Mystery


5:35 PM EST  
Anonymous jamie ford said...

Hmmm...(thinking, thinking)

Gold: Any urban fantasy that refrains from using vampires

Silver: Literary fiction

Bronze: Memoirs--except for you know who

7:07 PM EST  
Blogger Mark Pettus said...

Gold: Great character-driven fiction - Pat Conroy, Stephen King, John Irving, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, John Updike...

Silver: Great plot-driven fiction - Robert Jordan, J.R.R. Tolkien, Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov

Bronze: Non-fiction - particularly history - Tony Horwitz, Michael Shaara, David Downing

9:09 PM EST  
Blogger Bernita said...

Gold: fantasy: Kay, Moon, Modesitt, Lackey,Jordan, Eddings,Stewart, Norton, MaCauffrey, Haggard.

Silver: historical and/ or mystery fiction such as Peters (Ellis and Elizabeth)Reichs, Shannon,Buchan, Oppenheim.
Bronze: non-fiction: histories ( battles and wars, eras), true crime,occultania, etc.

8:29 AM EST  
Blogger R.J. Baker said...

Gold: Mystery/Thriller Fiction
Silver: Non-Fiction; Business, Self-Help, Spiritual, History
Bronze: Literary Fiction, Memoirs, & Autobiographies

9:16 AM EST  
Blogger jason evans said...

Gold: Psychological horror.

Silver: Character-driven novels where the protagonist struggles with him/herself or the world/environment.

Bronze: Anything my author friends write, regardless of genre.

1:38 PM EST  
Blogger For The Trees said...

MY problem is, I'm not sure WHAT I like to read. I seem to find something interesting in almost any book I pick up.

I do, however, shy away from murder mysteries...I don't have enough fingernails to bite off to read a well-crafted mystery. Can't stand the suspense.

I've been picking up books recommended on friend's blogs. So far I've hit a couple of murder mysteries that weren't all THAT bad - maybe I've aged, I didn't go ape on my fingernails through those - and I read Torpedo and Bacalao, a couple of modern submarine warfare books that were hyped by Amazon...I've got Envy The Rain by Jamie Boud on hand, got it because blogger POD-dy Mouth had it reviewed and then it made the final five for best POD of the year...I'm just working on these and a long list my buddy Jim said I need to read, from the library. I'm gonna learn to read, yet.

So, Gold: a book that reaches out and grabs my attention. Almost always fiction.

Silver: A book that's mostly about plot instead of people. Shallow characters, etc.

Bronze: history, non-fiction, dry tomes, badly written novels, typos, most commercial porn, and some other stuff like deep space SciFi, OtherWorld fantasy (too hard to pronounce all the weird names), and anything written in Greek, which I don't understand a word of.

Otherwise, I'll try to read the thing.

8:01 PM EST  
Blogger M. G. Tarquini said...


Gold: Quirky stuff with a fine use of language. Think the pulitzer, booker, nobel prize winners. The accomplished magical realists.

Silver: Humor, but not jokebooks and not typical 'The problems of raising kids' kind of stuff. Think 'A Year in Provence.'

Bronze: everything else.

1:48 PM EST  
Blogger ivan said...

Hi Erik.
Can't get past your security.
Was going to say I think I'm in the bronze category or some other mongrel thing.

10:01 AM EST  
Blogger Adam Hurtubise said...

GREAT post!

Gold: Thrillers.

Silver: Detective novels of all sorts.

Bronze: History, especially Civil War and World War II.


5:16 PM EST  

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