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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


It will seem we have suspended time, though a fraction of eternity will have passed on by.

Apprehension retreats; perfect bliss fills its place.

Soft moans of anticipation may escape our lips; quickened heartbeats will pulse in our ears.

Tiny trembles of rapture will travel your skin as my fingers search and explore your femininity. Your frantic focus may be the capture of my sensual flesh.

We’ll plummet into a free-fall away from conscious thought. Our senses will lock as one; breath will pant across our playing tongues.

Enchantment and desire will rapidly scale the walls of need; we’ll hurl each other toward the top.

We’ll melt in our coupling, one absorbed by the other. When you sheath me; we’ll thrill to the glove of wet heat that surrounds our connection.

Furious thrusts will carry us on upward; we’ll soon conquer the summit and cling to its ledge. We’ll breach the barrier to float and drift across the long plateau of ecstasy.

Muscles taut and strained we’ll linger and delay the dreaded descent. But when we must descend, magic pulses will roll our climax slowly and quietly away.

You might quiver with final pleasures during the gentle softening of the afterglow.