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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


He knew her, but not for sure. And he felt a tension rising within him. A sexual tension.

The woman, with hair short and blonde, focused clear blue eyes directly on his. She projected herself into him, with her eyes, and a smile.

He looked at her, almost a stare, covering her completely with his gaze. A thin blue summer outfit clung slightly to her tall lithe body. His tension grew from familiarity. She fidgeted with the ring of keys held in her hands.

In a small world, they stood in the aisle-way of the store. Other customers moved by their either side. Women glanced a look at him, men at her. Maybe the strangers could sense the heat that radiated between them.

Softly she spoke his name, and asked if it was really him. He extended the same to her.

They embraced... butter melting into toast. He held her close. Her still firm breasts he pulled tight against his chest. She pushed the femaleness at the junction of her legs against his thigh. Unspoken, they began to heart-share a memory of many years ago.

Hard winter weather had brought them together on an isolated back road, separately stranded. They had forced their entry into an unoccupied cottage for shelter. A mattress and blankets on the floor, a fireplace for light and warmth. For an afternoon, a long blizzard night, and part of the new day they made love.

Now, in their embrace of unspoken memories, they again shared the soft glow of a fire casting its flickering shadows on rumpled blankets and naked bodies.

The storm had passed. They said goodbye. She returned to her husband and the lonely glass house in the city, he to his lonely cabin in the woods.

Then once more, today, they said goodbye.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Twin Fawns

The small spotted fawn bounded from cover onto the highway. Inexperienced footing failed and flung it belly down in front of my headlights. Tiny legs flailed without success for an up-righting purchase.

The strength forced by adrenaline locked solid the brakes on my truck. Rubber smoked and squealed as ugly black trails burned into cement. My heart leapt into my throat.

Distance closed. All seemed lost for the baby deer. The animal was soon gone from my sight. My guts anticipated the sickening, crushing, killing impact.

Motion ceased, and the truck had stalled. My window down, all was still. I quietly exited the vehicle with flashlight in hand and grave apprehension in thought. A green vile taste filled my mouth.

Sounds. Scrapes and a clatter. Motion. A blur of white spots caught my eye, barely visible in dim light on the opposite side of the truck. A rustle of brush.

I shined the flashlight beam into the near woods. A doe with her twin fawns stood curious in the light. Big warm eyes calmed the recent cold event. The doe then raised her white tail and led the twins away.

It was just after midnight. I looked up and thanked God for the good beginning of a new day.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Customer

At the other side of the counter she stood; hair of onyx black, eyes of midnight blue.
From lips of port wine but unadorned with rouge, came her smile, she gave it free. It hurled me back in thought to a former me and the young man of long ago.
Turgid nipples of walnut brown pressed their presence through thin white cotton, and beckoned me to be the fool.
Instead, I spoke a greeting; her the mistress, me the servant.
I delivered to her demands, then my heart stumbled as she turned to walk away.
I watched her go.
I longed for simple days gone...and for the younger man once me.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Full Moon Reflections

The beam from God's lantern shines upon the lake.
Mist-angels tiptoe their ballet across the watery stage.
Mother Duck's village floats serenely as she guards her precious young.
Old Bull Frog baritones a serenade for his mate.
Night Hawk shatters the surface as she plucks her midnight meal.
And I've been awakened by dreams intimate with your image.
I stand naked in the window, but you are so far - far away.