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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Center of Night

I awoke during the center of last night.
I had been dreaming of you.
I was erect from the glory of your nakedness in my dream.

I recalled your enchanting image and I seared it across my mind.
I gripped the throbbing flesh of me firmly in my hand.
I stroked slowly, at first, pretending entrance into the heat of your flowing core.

Imagining your breath and movements thickened and stretched me.
I reached the pinnacle of sensation and my seed spewed from the top.
Washed and sated, I returned to a deep and dreamless sleep.

This morning, I smiled from lingering thoughts of you.
Throughout today I visualized you, and imagined your touch.
I am in my bed, waiting to see you presently in my dreams.

Will you come to me in the center of tonight, and be again my succubus?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Reflections of a Man

I liked a woman once.
No, I’ve loved a few.
“It used to bother me,” I’d say, “that she has a beautiful husband.”
They needed me and I wanted them to.

But what the hell, they were lovely, they were young.
I was lovely, I was young.
I wanted them, I dreamed of them.
I needed them and they wanted me to.

In the warmth of the day they loved their beautiful husband; his money and his friends.
In the cool of the evening, when he was high and blown away; they loved me, the horse of me.
Only half drunk was I, and I’d bathed.
I was dangerous and they sought a thrill.

They knew me, they understood their ache.
They wanted me, they dreamed of me.
I knew them, I understood their need; and I unlocked my door.
They were sad and neglected; I’d give them their thrill.

“Let us have our fantasy,” they’d say, and it felt good to me.
They’d sneak away to be with me.
They smoked their pot, I drank my scotch.
We’d laugh, we’d talk, and we’d pet each other.

They were free for the moment and horny.
I was lonely forever and horny.
They’d undo their buttons, I’d undo my belt.
They’d wonder if they should, I’d convince them they could.

We fucked, I fell in love.
They cried from their guilt.
I wouldn’t ask about their tears, I knew the answer that would come.
I was patient, and I watched the ceiling.

In the warmth of a new day they loved their beautiful husband; his money and his friends.
In the cool of a new evening, when he was high and blown away; they stayed to smoke and sniff with him.
They’d had their thrill; they’d had their want of me.
I wept, I drank my scotch; and I left my door ajar.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bug Tails - "'fraidy-cat"

Last evening we enjoyed our first thunderstorms of the season. A series of them rolled through during the night. Bug spent the entire night plastered against me, trembling. (If you don’t know about Bug, he came to us as a stray a little over a year ago. We believe he had been through a lot). Old Libby just snored, on the floor, belly-up.

This morning, when I crawled out of bed, Bug stayed attached to me. When I sat at the table to suck down my first cup of coffee, he lay across my feet---not by them, on them. Same thing when I sat on the toilet. Have you ever tried to wipe with a dog across your feet?

He wanted to get in the shower with me too. I should have let him. He stinks after a long winter without a bath.

Monday, March 19, 2007


He heard the door close softly behind her. He burrowed deeper under the covers. Lonely silence rang in his ears.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

On the john.

A little humor for the writers who visit here. Stolen from Reader’s Digest, March 2007.


“Once upon a time, a beautiful young antelope was going to the party of the year. Excited, she put on a new outfit, makeup, great shoes, the whole nine yards. Suddenly, she was stampeded by a herd of buffalo, making her the first self-dressed stamped antelope.”


“A recent survey reported that 27% of Americans take their cell phones to the bathroom, an indication that reading is definitely becoming a lost art.”

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Zips 'n giggles!

I followed her along the hallway; in a hurry not to be more than a few minutes late for my meeting, and I couldn’t help but focus my eyes on the cling of her summer-weight dress. She has a beautiful ass and it was apparent to me she wore nothing under that dress...well, maybe a thong. I started an erection, which I really hoped wouldn’t be noticed when I went through the next doorway and into the conference room.

I walked through the doorway, close behind her, and into the meeting. Not only was I hard, I was unzipped.

Later that day she began to giggle. I didn’t know why she giggled because she had been browsing through a sporting goods catalog while I finished an important document before leaving work for the day and a drink. She had finished her own work early, and come to invite me for an after work cocktail.

“What are you giggling about?” I asked. “Oh, just thinking about a little experiment,” she replied. “Something I decided earlier today that I’d like to try.”

“Yeah, what’s that?”

She stood up from her chair and with a tentative grin said, “Here, I’ll show you.”

She walked over to where I sat at my desk and said, “Close your eyes for a moment.” I did. She kissed me softly and she let the kiss linger. She lightly fiddled with my slacks until she found my zipper. I began to slide my hand up her inner thigh, under that summer-weight dress. She broke the kiss and whispered, “No, don’t do that.” Then she knelt in front of me.

Lowering my now famous zipper, she began giggling again. She looked up into my eyes, “I don’t know if you want me to do this,” she said, “but I really want to try.”

“I really want you to do that,” I said.